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Focus on Facilitation

28 tools to help you lead focused, productive, and innovative meetings that achieve optimum results

Facilitator skills are in high demand today as companies search for specialists who are professionally trained to effectively manage team interactions.

Whether live or virtual, teams need assistance to move quickly toward project and process goals.

de Bono Consulting helps companies transform meetings with Focus on Facilitation, a powerful facilitation training program from Edward de Bono. Focus on Facilitation is designed to develop expert facilitators, trained to work with your employees to help resolve your toughest business challenges.

The Focus on Facilitation training course combines the core tools from Edward de Bono's Six Thinking Hats, Lateral Thinking, and Power of Perception methods to equip selected employees to become expert facilitators for any kind of meeting: innovation, decision making, change management, problem solving, and strategic planning, to name a few.

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February 23-25, 2016 - San Diego, CA
March 15-17, 2016 - Los Angeles, CA

April 19-21, 2016 - Des Moines
July 26-28, 2016 - Chicago, IL
September 27-29, 2016 - Washington DC
October 18-20, 2016 - Dallas, TX
November 8-10, 2016 - San Diego, CA
December 6-8, 2016 - New York, NY

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Focus on Facilitation Brochure

Engage participants and help them accomplish much more before, during, and after attending meetings you lead.

Focus on Facilitation Training Objectives and Outcomes

3 key facilitation skills are developed during Focus on Facilitation.

  1. Facilitating parallel thinking: The ability to get everyone focused on using the same thinking tool at the same time to enable comprehensive and productive thinking about the challenge
  2. Designing thinking frameworks to help solve a wide variety of challenges
  3. Speaking clearly in subject language to better direct and focus the thinking attention of the meeting attendees
  Facilitator training and Meeting Facilitation training by de Bono Consulting

Focus on Facilitation is the optimum facilitation training course for companies who desperately need new systems to help employees stop wasting time in ineffective meetings. Focus on Facilitation workshops, taught by certified instructors, equip participants to manage group processes with new power and efficiency.

Our instructor-led Focus on Facilitation training course teaches practical tools, requires multiple, coached facilitation practices, and includes many useful resources that support your new techniques.

You'll learn through experience in a supportive, interactive environment. Incorporated into the workshop are tools from three de Bono courses (Six Thinking Hats, Lateral Thinking, Power of Perception), integrating an arsenal of tools to boost facilitation skills.

Focus on Facilitation training participants are immediately ready to put their new thinking skills to work in virtual and face-to-face meetings.

  • 5 tools for generating breakthrough ideas
  • 4 tools for discovering the benefits and values of new ideas
  • 4 tools to uncover potential problems and obstacles
  • 5 tools for determining which ideas to consider first
  • 6 tools for generating relevant information
  • 4 tools to plan and manage meetings


"Best Training I've attended in the past 10 years!"
-Jennifer Schultz, Microsoft Licensing | Training Participant, Sept 2010 


Focus on Facilitation Materials

Focus on Facilitation participants are impressed with the quality of information they receive, and are ready to put their facilitation training immediately to work in coaching, project meetings, change management initiatives, strategic planning sessions and more. You'll receive:

  • Executive portfolio with room for all your facilitator visuals
  • Complete Focus on Facilitation facilitator handbook
  • Focus on Facilitation exercise book to collect all the tips you get and thinking you do during the workshop
  • Facilitation cards to “deal” yourself a visual map of the agenda you're planning
  • Focus on Facilitation TEC Flow Chart (TEC Flow Chart Sample)
  • Focus on Facilitation table mats that engage your meeting participants in tracking group progress
  • Sliderules so participants may easily call to mind the steps in the de Bono thinking methods
  • Focus on Facilitation capture cards for writing, sorting, and assessing ideas generated
  • Energy dots to indicate top priority ideas and to measure buy-in on decisions made
  • Catalog of colorful, practical facilitation supplies, both de Bono specific and generic


Facilitator training and Meeting Facilitation training by de Bono Consulting

Focus on Facilitation TEC Flow Chart

With our Focus on Facilitation training course, you will have complete confidence in your ability to work with groups as an expert de Bono facilitator. Whether participants walk into your meeting room or take their places on your computer monitor, they will arrive prepared and will contribute fully when you employ all your new facilitation training, tools and techniques.

Note: If you're not currently a meeting facilitator, please consider Six Thinking Hats.

Learn Focus on Facilitation

Focus on Facilitation On-Site Training Seminars

Bring a certified Focus on Facilitation Instructor in-house to deliver a Focus on Facilitation training seminar for your meeting facilitators. Call 800.278.1292 for details.

Focus on Facilitation Open Seminars

Attend a public Focus on Facilitation training seminar with employees from other organizations.

Focus on Facilitation Training Prerequisite

Six Thinking Hats end-user training is required before attending a Focus on Facilitation training course. Because many people are new to Six Thinking Hats, we always offer a one-day Six Hats program immediately prior to Focus on Facilitation.

The three-day Focus on Facilitation program includes Six Thinking Hats on Day 1 and Focus on Facilitation on Days 2-3. If you have already taken Six Thinking Hats end-user training, you may skip Day 1 and will pay a reduced rate of $2,499 for the two-day Focus on Facilitation component.

If you would like to register for the three-day program please visit our Focus on Facilitation training page. If you have completed the Six Thinking Hats end-user course and would like to attend the two-day program call us at 800.278.1292.

Focus on Facilitation: Accredited de Bono Facilitator Credentials

Following the Focus on Facilitation training, you will need to submit three Focus on Facilitation Field Work Reports in order to earn your Accredited de Bono Facilitator credentials.

Focus on Facilitation Train-the-Trainer Certification

Completing the Official Focus on Facilitation Certification is required if you wish to teach Focus on Facilitation to others.


Millions of dollars are wasted daily by employees trapped in unproductive meetings.
Contact de Bono Consulting today! 800.278.1292

Facilitator training and Meeting Facilitation training by de Bono Consulting



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